This is what happens on the Internet today.
I can only call it insanity.

You know what it is. It has happened to you, too. But the more I see it, the harder it is to believe that this is what the Internet has become.

Try to visit this page (it could be anything else), and this is what you get.

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And of course YOU are supposed to scroll through everything, block everything, etc. As I said, insanity.

Here’s the full, yes FULL, copy&paste of it, just for completeness. …

Fred Wilson, a VC (Venture Capitalist) I quite like and admire, talks about Mentors, in particular about the two mentors that shaped his professional life. Here’s two important passages (bold is mine):

Angela Merkel, LeBron James, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos … Nobody gets somewhere on their own. Everyone has help.

And then, further down in his blog post:

The thing about mentors is you can’t really ask someone to mentor you. It kind of happens organically. Someone takes you under their wing. They see something in you and want to bring it out, develop it.

I agree. But I think Fred’s post is missing a crucial element: most of us can’t have lunch with Bliss McCrum Jr, and therefore most people can’t have him as a mentor (that lunch is how Fred got a job at Euclid Partners, and eventually Bliss became one of the most important mentors of his life). …

(originally published in my newsletter)

Bitcoin is a hot topic these days.

I have discussed Bitcoin or other crypto projects at least a few dozen times during 2020, and most of the time I have witnessed (or experienced) a real difficulty in having a good grasp of the underlying technology.

I believe that the vast majority of people, even technical people like me, do not have a deep understanding of it; I also believe that we are not going to fix this with (otherwise excellent, but long) videos on how Bitcoin works.

I tried to come up with a way to explain Bitcoin that is immediately understandable, but which also fairly represents the various moving parts. I kept going back to “religious” analogies. Let’s see if this works. And no, you don’t need to believe in God to follow this analogy (I personally don’t anyway). …

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Do you want to know how to read 50 books a year?


There are 52.14 weeks in a given year. (and an extra “bonus” day on leap years, making it 52.28 weeks). Read one book per week. Keep the 2.14 weeks as “margin”, for times when you really can’t or won’t read. If a book is really thick (>300 pages, and/or really dense), count it as two books.

Wait, I’m not done yet.

Tell a few friends about it. Commit to writing a very, very short review of the book (could be a single 280-characters tweet, or three sentences). Alternatively, you might want to pick a specific set of questions that you want to answer, once you’ve done with a book. …

You might have noticed that in the past several weeks I have been busy interviewing people for the newly born “Cota Capital Podcast”. I’d like to share the WHY a podcast first; limitations of podcasts; and the few episodes that I’ve published so far, with the not-too-hidden agenda of driving some nice, interested traffic (I call it “honest traffic”) to these episodes, certain that you will find these interesting.

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My messy but very productive setup. The Docker shirt was a gift from Solomon. I was a fan of Docker back then.

Who’s Cota Capital?

I am an Operating Partner at Cota Capital Management, LLC.
Cota is an SEC-registered multi-stage investment firm focused on private and public modern enterprise technology companies. Based in San Francisco, Cota has invested in more than 100 private and public technology companies since inception. …

(the youtube podcast with Tim O’Reilly)

If you are in the tech/software industry, you certainly know Tim O’Reilly and the company he founded, O’Reilly Media.
Tim is not only a very influential technologist, but also an equally influential thinker and “philosopher” of the internet.

You can watch or listen to the whole podcast/videocast above, but I wanted to provide you with a summary of the highlights of our conversation.

1:00: How Tim O’Reilly met Frank Herbert, the author of Dune (one of my favorite books!), and ended up writing two books about him.

6:26: “mentor” figures that guide you in your career, and some more memories about Frank Herbert. Frank Herbert wanted to sue George Lucas for Star Wars for copying too much from Dune, and Tim talked him out of it. …

On September 17th, 2020, Cota Capital held a new episode of Cota Access, a recurring webinar where we bring together founders, thought leaders, and leading executives to explore a variety of business and technology trends and topics that fundamentally impact large enterprises.
This one was about 5G and Cloud Computing, and featured four great panelists, in addition to the best moderator ever (me!):

(disclaimer: opinions expressed here are entirely my own, and are entirely speculative. I cannot promise that reading this post will not entirely be a waste of time. I wrote this post on September 21st, 2020).

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Tomorrow (September 22nd, 2020) is Tesla’s Battery Day. The last few months have seen an increasing amount of interest for anything that has to do with EV (Electric Vehicles) and energy storage (Lithium-ion batteries and alternatives).
NKLA, QuantumScape, and others have been making the news recently, for good or bad reasons. (e.g.

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I have three things to tell you:

  1. What is 5G: the essentials you need to know if you’ve only heard the term.
  2. I recorded a video podcast about 5G, connectivity, and being an entrepreneur and CEO with Sam Heidari, a humble, smart and successful expert in “all things connectivity”. Sam was a hidden gem for me, I urge you to take a look. You can watch it here.
  3. Cota Capital (a San Francisco-based investment firm) regularly organizes events to discuss innovative technologies, called Cota Access.
    The next one is a free online event to discuss “5G and the future of Cloud Computing” with experts — two startups and two big companies, chaired by me. The date is September 17th, 2020, at 10:00am PT (Pacific Time) and you can register here. …

Summary: on May 23rd, 2019, my mobile phone was hacked, then my Twitter account. The attacker changed my Twitter handle from @simon to @simonsw9kww.
I got my mobile number back in about one hour. However, I’ve been unable so far to get my @simon Twitter account back, despite numerous tries.

If you can help me, please do.

What happened in details

On May 23rd at 3:05pm PT I received this message on my T-mobile phone:

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Normally, you would need a six-digit PIN number to authorize a SIM card change for my phone number. …


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